Pascale Obolo

Pascale Obolo is a visual artist, filmmaker, independent exhibition curator, activist, feminist, founder, director and editor-in-chief of the art magazine Afrikadaa, among other activities ... Ladies Night - 1st female rap group in France - to the Afrikadaa magazine, including the creation of the African Art Book Fair in Dakar and the production of documentaries - notably on Calypso Rose - a rich, committed and inspiring journey…

L'Antichambre Project : Rita Alaoui — L’Art du récit au service de l'objet

The artist Rita Alaoui examines and sculpts the history of humanity from a new angle.

She looks at everyday objects, the ruins of her ancestors and the remains of the earth. Whether organic, mineral, vegetable, original or material: "the vestiges reflect our time, which we have inherited. They tell the story of passing time. "(R.Alaoui)

As part of this composition which combines artists' books, collages, re-composition of family photos, anonymous photos, objects from different walks, trips in search of hidden treasures in the debris, mineral and of plants are summoned imaginaries. The detail, the banal is transformed by the poetic gesture of the artist into a rare and unique piece.

Rita Alaoui brings back to life objects that have been abandoned, inert, left lifeless, creating new bodies for them with new identities and a new story where the past, the present, the future mixes through a poetic where he art of intuition and exploration is at the heart of his work.

Inspired and nourished by any object that comes into contact with his body, his gaze, and his sense of smell, the artistic work of Rita Alaoui gives us to rediscover a utopian world, spooky and sublimated, through the power of dreams.

Pascale Obolo

Rita Alaoui

Rita Alaoui is a visual artist born in 1972, in Rabat, Morocco. She lives and works in Paris.

Graduate of The Parsons School of Design, New York, Rita Alaoui uses painting as her medium, as well as sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, and video-performance.

Rita Alaoui disrupts traditional codes of representation by challenging the limits of the possible.  In her incessant quest for innovation, Rita borrows methods of anthropology and archeology to collect elements and objects from nature that she places at the heart of her artistic process. Fragments of decontextualized life, these objects, insignificant though they appear, witness the world’s fragility and become works of art. They question the role of the dream and the first links with nature in an ever-growing robotic society but also the relationship to time and destruction.

Is it still possible to give back to the world its poetry, to make it more livable by the simple beauty derived from the banal and the "infra-ordinary" dear to Georges Perec, is the recurrent question asked by the work of Rita Alaoui.

Rita Alaoui establishes creative links between art and writing, as she published the first ‘Livre Objet’ “Fragments de vie Quotidienne” in the Arab world (editions Al Manar Paris).  Each publication is a limited edition written, illustrated and crafted by the artist herself.  The book has been supported by the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.

Rita Alaoui is working at the moment on an ongoing research project (2017-2018) Minefields, developed by Arts Cabinet (UK) in collaboration with the researcher and writer Edward Hollis from the University of Edinburgh.

She teaches Creative Process in several universities in Casablanca.

Rita Alaoui’s work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions in Morocco since 1999 and she participates regularly in several international collective shows and events including Galerie Boa (Paris), Chinese International Photography and Art Festival (CIPAFE), Zhengzhou, China, Tiwani Contemporary (London), l’Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris & Tourcoing), Le Musee d’Art Contemporain (Rabat), Art Dubai, Do It in Arabic (Sharjah).

Her work is part of numerous institutions and private collections in the US, Europe and North Africa.

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