Listening to the artists, Alta Volta puts at their disposal its professional resources and promotes the development of their talents. Our methodology helps to develop stimulating partnerships, emphasizing the quality of human relationships and thought provoking associations. This lively interaction, constantly changing, allows us to support specific projects in France and abroad. Alta Volta acts as a production agency for multidisciplinary artists, including performance, 3D installation art and design. We provide the interface between the artist and those interested in ordering and acquiring their work.

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Alta Volta + Philippe Lepeut


Trained by the iconic French designer Serge Mouille, Karl Sauvade is a devout perfectionist. The combination of his extensive skills and his original subtle creations has taken him from the world of sophisticated industrial design to the realm of art. Whether he is working with metal or methacrylate, he applies his expertise and exacting standards to the intricate and academic process of studying materials, transforming them into works of art. He's constantly reinventing the balance between material and light, a process which results in unique pieces filled with evocative and ethereal energy.

Alta Volta represents Karl Sauvade.


Frédéric Nauczyciel is a French visual artist. He works in France and the United States. Influenced by dance and cinema, he produces photographs, films and performances, using and combining many varying and unexpected artistic forms.

He uses the experience of performance to produce "living images." Since 2011, he has worked between the black ghettos of Baltimore and the outskirts of Paris, drawing on the influence and power of performance, such as the Voguing, or the Marching Band.

Alta Volta presents Frédéric Nauczyciel.


Philippe Lepeut incorporates cinema, literature, language, sound, work, nature and culture into his productions to create - he says - some meta-atmospheres. Photography, video and installation are a pretext for mental landscapes. Since 2002, radio and particularly the "voice”, sound engineering and performance have come into play in the multiplicity of his work.

Alta Volta presents Philippe Lepeut.

Alta Volta + Carole Fékété


Carole Fékété uses photography to reveal the correlation between fact and fiction in her intriguing work. The recurrent theme of her work is based on long-held, universal memories. The memories are starkly and powerfully presented in unembellished scenes recreated from the past.

Alta Volta presents Carole Fékété.



From the moving lines of his drawings to the unsettling diaphanous quality of his painting, PICHA excels in a powerful, enigmatic, occult manner. He connects us in an otherworldly haze to primitive mystery, in a zone of discomfort. His chromatic palette is of a subtle timelessness. He takes up and discards themes randomly. Ghostly images prevail.

Alta Volta presents PICHA


The photographer Jean Marc Tingaud collects picturesque tableaux, both interiors and exteriors, from around the world. Through his work, we enter into the memories of past lives and the resurgence of events that were previously unknown to us. The precise framing by the photographer suggests a continuation beyond the frame itself.

Alta Volta presents Jean-Marc Tingaud