Le Registre Vol.01  L'Antichambre Acte 1

From artistic subject to literary subject. It was for L'Antichambre Act 1 that The Register, Volume 1 was born. L’Antichambre is a new fair organized by Alta Volta which has taken up residence at L’Hôtel de la Nouvelle République in Paris, each edition of which is dedicated to a different artistic medium. The Register was conceptualized by ​​Nathalie Leleu who established as a rule to record the fluids of the L'Antichambre: the situations, the facts, the speeches, the ranges, the high frequency zones which animated the three nights and the two days of this event. Nathalie Leleu is required to note regularly and meticulously the extent of the games and issues of L'Antichambre to compose a collection, private or public, as he attests. The register functions as a fundamental 360 ° inventory, which we discover with joy - not without malice- by its center of gravity.


Le Registre, volume 1
Author : Nathalie Leleu

Concept et graphic  design : ABM Studio

Font Fugue designed by Radim Peško

Edition of 500 numbered copies

Printed by Art & Caractères,

Imagined in 2019, published in 2020.
17 pages

Language : french
Alta Volta Editions

ISBN : 978-2-8216-0142-0 

visuals © ABM Studio

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