Le Banquet versus Ryoko Sekiguchi

Food criticism is dead, long live food criticism!

We whisper in your ears that food criticism is dead. That she didn’t know how to do a work of abyss, like other art critics. But in fact, what did the work of food critic consist of? What about the critical work? Could the means available to critics in other fields save this genre in agony? To put this question to the test, we wanted to organize "the critics' lunch". Six people, critics from different fields, will be at the same table, tasting the same dishes. Thereafter, each of these critics will have to write a short text of a leaflet. Will this somewhat Oulipian exercise make us see the difference between the tools of the critics, according to the artistic fields? Or will it ultimately reveal the impossibility of "describing, making people understand" a dish?

It's up to you to play the game.

Ryoko Sekiguchi

Ryoko Sekiguchi (Japanese: 関口 涼子; Tokyo, December 21, 1970) is a Japanese poet and translator. She wrote poetry from an early age and at 18 she received the Cahiers de la poésie contemporaine prize. Since 1997, she has lived in Paris where she studied art history at the Sorbonne. She also holds a doctorate in comparative literature and cultural studies from the University of Tokyo. She translates her own poems as well as the texts of classic and contemporary Japanese poets in French magazines (If, Po & sie, Action Poétique, Dédale, din). It is also translated into Korean and Arabic in anthologies.

She is considered one of the new voices of contemporary Japanese poetry because of her work on structure and form. His poems have been translated into English, Korean, Swedish and Arabic. Ryoko Sekiguchi has been invited for readings in many renowned places such as the Pompidou Center, the House of Writers, the New York Library and the University of San Francisco. Ryoko Sekiguchi teaches today at INALCO, the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations. She has been writing in French since 2003. Daughter of a cook, she shares a passion for cooking as much as for cooking books or literature.