Denis Curti

In the 1990s, Denis Curti was director of the photography section of the European Design Institute in Turin as well as of the Italian Photography Foundation. In the years 2002-2003, he was commissioner of the first photographic auctions of Sotheby's in Milan. For more than 15 years, he was a journalist and photographic critic for the pages of Vivimilano and Corriere della Sera. From 2005 to 2014, he was director of Contrasto - Milan and vice-president of the Forma Foundation in Milan.

 Expert in the collectibles market, he founded STILL Photography in 2014. Denis Curti was then director of the monthly "Il Fotografo" from 2015 to 2019, he is now artistic director of the Casa dei TRE OCI in Venice, the Capri Photography Festival and the SI FEST in Savignano sul Rubicone. He is also a consultant to the Venice Foundation for the Management of Photographic Heritage and has been the curator of several exhibitions.

L'Antichambre Project / Lady Tarin - Le Rêve du Miroir

In my personal stock of memories, erotic images have to do with gaze: from fleeting eye contact to persistent looks. It is indeed in gaze that lie, I believe, that complex of passions that defines seduction. Then, through scents and touch, that hybrid contact that is discovering the other comes to life.

In the photographs of Lady Tarin I have found the very meaning of seduction and for this reason I have fallen in love with them. Her women look at you and let you look at them. They occupy a precise space in the framing of each picture and ask for special attention. After all, erotic images are permeated with a specific cultural aura and have to be solitary, snobbish and distant. Otherwise, they do not even exist. These photographs do not give answers, on the contrary, they ask questions. And most importantly, they overturn the visual rules of a genre that, today, finally has a feminine point of view.

When I looked at Lady Tarin’s prints for the first time, I instinctively cleaned my glasses and smoothed out the paper, as if I wanted to iron it  or maybe to reduce the distance between me and those surprising, frank subjects. I believe that my initial sense of disorientation has much to do with the fascination of this project and I am certain that in the estrangement, in that feeling of displacement, the real power of these photographs is to be found.

Denis Curti

Lady Tarin

"My project focuses on exploring eroticism as life force and desire, by creating a dreamlike visual world that speaks to Eros. In my work I play with the notion that a woman should inhabit her own body and belong to herself."

Lady Tarin is a Milan-based photographic artist whose work has been featured in Le Dictateur n.3 - special issue for Tate Modern, Le Dictateur n.4 - special issue for Palais de Tokyo. Her monograph title Stanze Private was released in 2017.

She has partecipated in group exhibition including Un homme juste est quand meme un homme mort, Palais de Tokyo with Le Dictateur, Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana, Triennale, Milano.

Tarin’s photographs have been the subject of solo exhibition at Palazzo Monti titled Guiltless curated by Umberta Gnutti Beretta and most recently a solo exhibition curated by Denis Curti in Milan.

Sky Arte - the art oriented television channel - dedicated a documentary to her work titled Lady Tarin: Next Girl.