Think Tank Lab

Arts, Sciences and Cultures

Alta Volta is excited to announce that we are developing “The Think Tank Lab.”

Each speaker creates a narrative to elucidate others perceptions of the chosen theme. It is important for everyone to transmit his vision of the world, stressing imagination. We will keep you informed of our progress on this mind-challenging project.

Digital Prop Up



Initiated by Nathalie Amae and Gérald Sullé in 2014, Prop Up - a collaborative and independent organization - was designed to articulate the expertise, research and practices of the digital world.

Through meetings, reflections and exchanges, Prop Up is dedicated to innovations, processes, skills, global experiences and digital development.

Creation's process Prop Up

Initiated in 2018


Alta Volta has been preparing a Think Tank dedicated to the indescribable aspects of the creative process; inviting speakers from different fields such as artists, intellectuals, researchers, as well as art enthusiasts. This is a critical exchange that leads to confrontation of ideas and overviews. The speakers have an affinity for critical philosophical discussion.