L'Antichambre project

Low Art / Guacolda & Lionel Tua / / Curator : Marie Gayet

Low art is an artistic gesture, a paradigm of the intimate, a poetic act performed in low technology. Low art is a duo, a woman, a man. She and Him. A couple. They infiltrate hotels for one night or another, rarely more, nocturnal presence in the forms of a desire. They are two bodies, a Love Affair, which borrows from cinema and theater, from glamor and eroticism, from life, from love. Low art is a manifesto, a declaration, an energy, a demonstration, a staging, a fiction, real and augmented. She and He are just one reason. For stealthy moments. Low art is a constantly renewed performance, in a unique place to explore, a random staging of fantasized moments as an expression of reality. An imaginary. Low art / is a forgetting of reality / the beautiful memory of forgetting. Low art is a collection of imagined images. Low art is a break-in.

Marie Gayet

Guacolda is a visual artist and Lionel Tua, an actor, constitutes Low art, as a self-fictional photographic representation of a generic couple on a hotel background: video, songs and photo novel. The series presented has for unit the common spaces of hotels around the world with a protocol of "technological economy": capture in automatic mode, 10 sc of self-timer, ambient lighting, no retouching. Each film is a performance, thought to be filmed, without reassembly. If the meeting is indeed in love, the bedroom, the bed, the embrace are not exposed. The hotel defines itself as a para-intimate place, a "world hotel". The intimate is induced there before or after the image. Voltage or latency.

Marie Gayet


Corine Borgnet

Corine Borgnet, visual artist lives and works in Paris. Since 2002, she has been developing absurd and protean plastic work both technically and
symbolically. Her work focuses on three main themes that intertwine and collide: The Young, Office Art and the Cabinet of Curiosity. "Most of my works are absurd. They translate a concept, by a form whose existence seems unjustified: what should be the definition of art, elsewhere. It is a shear that takes root (Pince X, 2010), a mannequin whose tailor is inside (Fashion Victim, 2016). It is a protective glove or shoe made of bone, which you cannot put on. "In my work, I don't want to change the world, I don't denounce, I see and often take the opposite view." Corine Borgnet

L'Antichambre  project
The last supper, photographie

La Méduse

La Méduse has a sprawling creativity, used to high fashion staging. Within La (b) jellyfish, she sets out to an inventive and aesthetic exploration of multimedia know-how. La Méduse puts its knowledge of the performative digital tool at the service of a precious and precise artistic imagination for tailor-made projects: museum projects, exhibitions, installations, publishing or anonymous interventions, in the wild ...

L'Antichambre Project
Une commande pérenne de l'Hôtel la Nouvelle République, à découvrir pendant le  salon l'Antichambre

Jean-Marc Tingaud

He collects from all over the world, which comes from the soul. Subtly, it goes from exterior landscapes to interiors. Each of her photographs permeates what she looks at. Or would it not be the opposite? Are we not elegantly invited by the presence of each of the subjects? The act of photographing appears like catharsis. He restores authentic trajectories to the 4x5 room, while not proposing new ones. By deviating from the recording, neither ethnological nor documentary photography takes up a form of anticipation of humanity, beyond the issue of individual destiny.

L'Antichambre project

ROOM 34: Selected pieces from the Marquis de Sade, collection of objects, limited editions, and Fire, erotic-poetic video .. Duo, head to head of plates produced by the Maison de la Porcelaine, in new foreshadowing of “Madame est served ”limited edition of a set of 12 plates, 100 copies, numbered, signed and stamped. Original model of "Justine's Memoirs" ”, collection of photographs of objects from the author's collection and quotes from the Divine Marquis. 100 ex works. numbered, stamped and signed, available for subscription from February 21, 2020.

La main d'Isabelle A. Paris 1988 JMT.jpe

Corinne Deniel

A graduate of the Aix-en-Provence School of Art and the Toulouse Institute of the Arts, Corinne Deniel is a plastic artist. She uses the camera, among other things, to narrate her presence to the world. “I am not trying to document but rather to question. My work is not limited to taking photographs: I fragment the world around me, to better move away from reality. Through the photographic framing, I isolate what I want to show, which will strike my unconscious. By cutting, I dismember, I extract the words that I do not say, I create whispers. "

Images and words will collide, come together, tighten into an intuitive form of communication, reminding us that life is not always delicate and that we live in a world where nothing remains.

Each image is in reality a trace, between present and past, visible and invisible.


Pierre Escot

Pierre Escot is a writer, editor and visual artist. He has published many poems such as Occiput, Les Bords, Décompte Zéro, Décompte Zéro One in the Behind the Bathroom editions and Live Planning (PPT editions - published in 2012) and Carnet Lambert (Art & Fiction, 2015). He also produces videos and participates in contemporary art exhibitions in France and abroad (Biennale du Monténégro, Lille 2004, La Force de l'Ar, Center Pompidou - “Littérature Pirates”, Center chorégraphique national de Tours, The Arboretum, and other festivals, they collaborate on different journals: Tina, Le Zaporogue, Freak Wave, Revue Laura, Jungle Juice ... He publishes artists' books with the PEGG editions created with Guillaume Goutal, whom he exhibited at the Salon light, Artistbook International, Galerie l'Espace d'en Bas.

©Pierre_escot_Les Montils_RS.jpg

Galerie Qu'un peu de sable efface.

Galerie de photographies anciennes et organisation d'expositions.

Julie Barrau

My professional career is not classic. It was built over the course of encounters, favorites and luck. Photographer first, my concern and probably my strength has always been to see things a little differently and to look for the beautiful in what is strange or irreverent at times, trivial or symbolic at other times .
Naturally hands-on, I worked successively for a design studio, a graphic designer / DA, a jewelry designer or a vintage photo dealer. These different experiences have in common a fine attention paid to the form, the gesture well done, but also to the materials, colors and composition. They helped me to form my gaze on objects, to guess their particularities and to imagine them in their best arrangement: in other words, to develop my taste. I scour the sales rooms, flea markets or flea markets, I find there and above all select with attention and appetite photographs, furniture, various objects, always to my taste.
This site offers my most beautiful pieces, those that touched me. A demanding selection of unique images and objects.


Un Livre Une Image

A book - An Image is a structure created in 2006 by Emmanuelle Fructus bringing together artists' books and vernacular photography; gradually, this anonymous photograph takes up more space. In 2010, she opened a small gallery in Paris where collectors, artists and photography enthusiasts consult her collection of images, which she enriches day after day.
Emmanuelle Fructus chine in flea markets, old paper markets, and sometimes on the web. Through her training as a photography historian, she articulates her choices around the specifics of amateur and professional photography. She likes to identify these practices, enhance them and grasp the challenges. She thus chooses photographs for their aesthetic and / or historical relevance. She sees herself as an iconographer and an image courier. The diversity of uses constitutes a major axis in its collection work. She will love to acquire an identity photograph as well as a fine print.
The race for the masterpiece does not animate it, even if it acquires these images when the opportunities arise. Everyday photographs fascinate her more. Thus, she creates collections and draws up inventories from images produced by itinerant photographers, neighborhood photographers and, of course, by amateurs.