Galeria Asymetria

L'antichambre Project by Asymetria-en-valise

Zbigniew Libera, SOMEONE ELSE, 1986/2019

Marek Piaseck, series of Dolls, 1955/1965

Yuri Mechitov/Sergei Parajanov, Conversation with Allen Ginsberg

The ASYMETRIA Gallery, founded in 2008, by Rafal Lewandowski, first private gallery since the fall of communism in Poland that focuses on historical and artistic photography of the region of central-eastern Europe. Its remarkable exhibitions mainly focus on photographic phenomena in Poland and central Europe from the 1950s to the 1970s.

by Asymetria-en-valise, Zbigniew Libera, SOMEONE ELSE, 1986/2019


'Someone else' is a series of the artist self-​portraits employing the – unk­nown in Polish art at the time – queer genre, and refer­ring to the clas­sical photographs of Claude Cahun. A work the main axis of which has become again the category of „otherness” and perception of different sexual behaviors by deeply institutionalized society. The series of photos presents Zbigniew Libera as a transvestite dressed in the garments strongly associated with female sexuality: stockings, bright make-up, underwear. The outfit being a sort of identity costume becomes not only a mask, behind which a transvestite hides his true face, but a mirror as well, a catalyzer, speeding up emancipatory behavior and taking out of human being something that defines his internal part.


Galerie baudoin lebon

L'Antichambre Project / l'odalisque
Horst P. Horst, Joe-Peter Witkin, Ayana V. Jackson

The Baudoin Lebon gallery created in 1976 has grown from Paris to Seoul. It strives to support and defend its unique and singular artists, promoting a diversity of mediums (painting, sculpture, photography, installation ...).

This collaboration allowed to present the first Australian aboriginal painters exhibitions in Paris or discover certain little-known aspects of "tenors" in painting such as Dubuffet or Michaux, Réquichot or Bettencourt as well as in situ installations by Simonds and Uematsu , or a major ensemble by Fahlström.

Specializing in modern and contemporary photography, the gallery also has a significant collection from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as several notable collections, including Lisette Model’s. The gallery represents Joël-Peter Witkin, Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Grand, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Peter Knapp and Franco Fontana. In 40 years of existence, the Baudoin Lebon gallery has consolidated an international reputation through the artists it represents and its dynamism on the artistic scene. The Gallery organizes numerous exhibitions and participates in renowned fairs: AIPAD in New York, Art Busan in South Korea and Paris Photo and Art Elysées. Its eclectic choices and long-term work with artists allowed the gallery to forge its strong identity.


Galerie Folia

The Folia gallery is a place that brings together the arts, especially photography and literature, and places the book at the center of its approach. Bringing together an exhibition gallery, a library and a meeting place, Folia offers multiple photographic experiences, for professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs. Meetings, conferences and round tables regularly bring together artists, authors, philosophers and economists for a lively approach to the visual arts. Evoking both "photography" and "literature", Folia also refers to the folio, the leaf of a book, as well as to the portfolio, an object that allows artists to showcase their works. "Folia" thus expresses this ambition to connect, to bring together both the arts and the public around photography.

L'Antichambre project / Anne-Lise Broyer "Madame Air"

laissez verdure…*  Anne-Lise Broyer

Taking into account the intimate life of George Sand, madame Air,  « laissez verdure » (leave greenery)... is metaphorical and takes the form of a bucolic theater. It's about talking of the landscape as a place of writing, as a distance which would link books together, moments of life. In this Berry, so sweet in its melancholy, lingers, as if attached to the very places and things, the living memory of George Sand's writing. This whole country is filled with her; it is an abandoned path which leads to nowhere: the grass has grown there, green and tall, at the foot of the lopped poplars which rise towards the gray sky and of the ever-cut oaks which mark with their robust and misshapen bodies the limits the fields. These life stories, could indeed be written in mysterious and indelible signs, in each object, in each image ...
The opus is made of places, landscapes, faces, objects where each movement of the soul will surface in the expression of a deep emotion.
* June 8, 1876, last words spoken by George Sand before his death.


Ibasho Gallery

In Japanese, IBASHO means "a place where you can be yourself. IBASHO is a gallery in Antwerp which opened its doors in March 2015 and presents photographs of Japanese fine arts ranging from the works of famous Japanese photographers to the youngest contemporary Japanese artists as well as works by Western photographers inspired by Japan. IBASHO hopes to show the versatility and beauty of Japanese photography in its many forms, from raw and unpolished to minimalist and calm. As photo books are an important way to showcase photography to Japan, IBASHO also deals with new and old Japanese photo books.

L'Antichambre Project
Focuses on the creations of
Hideyuki Ishibashi and Margaret Lansink

whose work has also been the object of a co-publication

the (M) éditions / IBASHO.

As well as a selection of works by photographers represented by the gallery.

The (M) éditions

the (M) éditions is a publishing house founded by Marie Sepchat dedicated to the publication of art books with the purpose of recognizing the creations of contemporary artists through singular works in limited and deluxe editions. Each book is a sensory and reading experience, a demanding proposition that is often noticed on art book award lists (Les Rencontres d'Arles) (Night of the Book, Le prix Nadar, Gens d'Images 2019 for the book So it goes by Miho Kajioka).

L'Antichambre Project

Margaret Lansink, Borders of Nothingness - on the Mend 

Hideyuki Ishibashi, Other Voices

With a selection of works published by The (M) éditions.

©HIDEYUKI ISHIBASHI_other-voices-RS.jpg

Le Plac'Art photo

If the name of the shop is a nod to its smallness, the worldplay corrects the meaning. It is a closet of wonders full of treasures: out of print books meticulously collected, original editions, ancient art magazines, exhibition catalogs, rare posters or other curiosities. This atypical and lively place was born from the true passion of the owner: to emphasize the image. Whether the image tells us a story, moves us or shocks us, whether it is the witness of a frozen moment or timeless moment. Le Plac'art regularly organizes exhibitions: Leo Kandel, Toyohiko Yasui, Toshitsugu, Yamawaki, Joaquin Collado, Yoshiichi Hara, Shinya, Arimoto, David Nissen, Martin Bogren, Guillaume Zulii ,, Hannah Modigh, Tamiko Nishimura, Takehiko Nakafuji ,, Yusuke Hanazaki, Zaida Kersten, Daisuke Yokota, etc. and many book launches. Favorite themes: Revolt, Appropriation, Okinawa, From the screen ... Le Plac'art Photo participates in Paris Vintage Photobook Fair, MIA Fair, The London, Photograph Fair, Off Print (London), PHOTO DOC ,, Cosmos Arles Books, Photo SaintGermain, HK, Photobook Fair, 2020 Paris Photo New York Le Plac'art Photo participates in Paris Vintage Photobook Fair, MIA Fair, The London, Photograph Fair, Off Print (London), PHOTO DOC, Cosmos Arles Books, Photo SaintGermain, HKPhotobook Fair, Paris Photo New York 2020

L'Antichambre Project
focus Kenshichi Heshiki, Shunji Dodo, Toyohiko Yasui
and a selection of incunabula published in Japan.
Le_Placart_Photo©Shunji Dodo_RS.jpg

Centre Wallonie Bruxelles Paris

From underground to consecrated. The CWB contributes to promoting contemporary creation and artistic signatures from the territories of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Open to artistic processes, it catalyzes new developments and reveals unique creations. Anti-museum archetype, the Center is a space of possibilities through a resolutely transdisciplinary program and the attention given to the less conventional formats. It helps to stimulate international co-productions and partnerships and crystallize attention in favor of the "Belgian" scene. A unique artistic proposition in Paris: the seasons unfold throughout the year and are articulated in a resolutely Un-Disciplined and hybrid dimension.

L'Antichambre Project
focus on Belgium video

Festival O.V.N.I.

OVNi Objectif Video NIce is an annual festival which unites for three days the spheres of artistic and hotel world of Nice. Video art crosses the city from museums to unusual places, hotels become places of artistic welcoming, the Camera Camera artfair invites gallery owners to play with the unique rooms of the Windsor hotel.

L'Antichambre Project

The OVNI festival presents Pia Maria Martin:

I use film as an instrument to bring things to life, to make them dance. This way, I animate the world of objects in a very literal sense: I give them life and breathe a soul into them. The pieces in my films move as if they were moved by an imaginary arm or invisible forces. Human activity creates the situation, then withdraws completely, lets it evolve according to the rules I have defined, and lets the inevitable happen, a bit like fairies dancing in the garden.