The mission of Alta Volta is to facilitate essential relationships between the patrons of a project and the agents at the core of its philanthropic journey. Our goal is to organize and support sustainable philanthropic initiatives in the fields of science, art and education, as well as the preservation of heritage. Stories that conjure up dreams, values and emotions since childhood, guide our most fundamental beliefs. There can be no principled fundraising without stories at its core. The act of philanthropy in and of itself is the essential catalyst for creation. Fundraising carries with it a vital component of commitment and involvement on the part of the donor and is always gratefully appreciated.

Pha Tad Ke Botanical garden

Pha Tad Ke

Luang Prabang



Fundraising for Pha Tad Ke, the first botanical garden in Laos, is dedicated to three essential areas:




Cultural programs


Amazonas region, Medio Caquetá.

pueblo uitoto



Fundraising is dedicated to the projects developed by the Jar + Na Association which assists Amazonian ethnic groups with autonomous production and audio-visual training systems concentrating on conservation of knowledge, intercultural exchanges and resilience.