Victor Mazière

Victor Mazière was born in 1971. Hypokhâgne, Khâgne (prep classes), Lycée Henri IV, Paris. Philosophy studies at the University of Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne. Independent art critic (aesthetic theory, contemporary art). Member of C-E-A, Associate Exhibition Curators. Art critic, theorist, author and independent exhibition curator, graduate in philosophy, he writes regularly for contemporary art journals (Code, L'œil de la photographie,,, as well as for catalogs or artist monographs (Casa de Velasquez, Madrid; Edirions Monteverita, Paris; Villa Boesch, Le Pouliguen; Site Saint-Sauveur, Rocheservière). He also participates in conferences or round tables on contemporary art (Fondation Ricard, Paris; Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro, Paris). He is particularly interested in post-deconstruction, new ecological paradigms from Object Oriented Ontology (Timothy Morton, Graham Harman), and the concepts of uhronia and "spectral time". In addition to his writing and authoring work, he is also exhibition curator, focused on the transversality of practices and the immersive experience.

Carole Fékété  / / "Offerings to the night"

Carole Fékété is a French artist born in 1970 in Algiers, she lives and works in Paris.

Artist and teacher, Carole Fékété pursues a photographic practice which today extends to films, writing and installation. The diversity of her chosen subjects is crossed by a constant concern regarding the links between individual and collective memory as well as the development of representation within the creative act. The medium itself is also a subject of creation and its plasticity is tested by each new proposition. The whole work constitutes a reserve of heterogeneous images and forms which can be the subject of relationships according to the principle of editing.

Artistic residency at Casa Velasquez between 2005 and 2007, her work is exhibited in France and abroad, it is also present in public and private collections and has been the subject of various collective and monographic publications.