Anouchka Alekian

Nathalie Amae

Who we are

Anouchka Alekian has worked as a set designer and painter on pictorial works for the film industry. Additionally, she has done considerable historical preservation, including restoration work in

several architectural heritage monuments.

Anouchka has also worked in communications for cultural, institutional and event-driven agencies.

One of her lifelong desires is to become an art patron. She is an avid traveler.


Partnering with Nathalie Amae gave rise to the Alta Volta Agency, combining their creative talents and proven skills in development of cultural projects.


Nathalie Amae, after studying archaeology, worked with Rik Gadella to create international art fairs and events encompassing the areas of publishing, photography, design and primitive art as well as Artistbook International, Paris Photo, Paris Design and Parcours des Mondes.

As artistic director and curator for galleries, she has also free-lanced for art magazines and interviewed renowned architects.

Activities / Missions

Alta Volta is an independent art production agency. We work with artists, corporations, foundations, gallery owners, collectors and international institutions among others for whom we develop custom strategies.

We create and develop cultural programs, providing appropriate curation for each project.

Our expertise allows us to provide assistance and guidance in building collections. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to organize events such as art fairs, conferences and round-tables.

We have incorporated the methodology of “Think-Tank–Lab” to animate the discussions from various professions and disciplines in the Digital Age.

Alta Volta raises funds for philanthropic initiatives committed to education, art and ethno development.

Alta Volta collaborates with scenography, communication, events and graphic design agencies.

We are assisted by lawyers and legal advisers specializing in cultural and artistic activities, intellectual property rights and patrimonial goods.